Scopes and sessions

Submitted papers must treat the following topics


Submissions should treat one of the following scopes

Solar thermal energy
Photovoltaïc energy
Wind energy
Biomass energy
Hybrid energy
Hydrogen and fuel cells
Energy management and storage
Sustainability and environment
Other renewable energies (Geothermal, Hydraulic, Nuclear…)
Materials and technologies
Modeling and simulation
Ressource assessment and forecasts
System sizing
Instrumentation and Control
Smart grids, meters and cities
Energy efficiency
Economics of renewable energies
Sustainability, policies and regulations



Papers must be submitted for one of the following sessions

General sessions

STE: Solar thermal energy
PVE: Photovoltaïc Energy
WEN: Wind energy
HEN: Hybrid energy
EMS: Energy Management and Storage

Open Session

BE4SD: Biomass Energy, Energy Efficiency, Environment, Sustainable Development

Special sessions for special issues in journals

Control of Renewable Energy Systems (CRES)

This special issue will provide a forum for researchers and practitioners to share insights on innovation and development of control methods for renewable energy systems... Read more

Advanced versions of selected papers will be recommended to ISA Transactions.

Renewable Energy systems for Zero Carbon Emission Buildings (RESZCEB)

The Special Session  aims to disseminate knowledge about the issues and potentials of the exploitation of RES in the “Nearly Zero Energy Buildings”.

Advanced versions of selected papers will be recommended to E&B.

Renewables for sustainability and development (RSD)

 Papers should formulate assessments on the impact of renewable energies on industry and society for sustainability and development. 

 Extended versions of selected papers will be published in ESD.

Towards Valorization of Hydrogen Energy: Production and Storage (TVHE: PS)

Contributions should formulate investigations on Hydrogen energy and fuel cells that highlights the efficience and the efficiency of this energy source. 

 Extended versions of selected papers will be published in IJHE.


Integration of Photovoltaic Systems with Distributed Energy Storage Systems (IPSDESS)

This special issue provides a forum for researchers to present their up-to-date work in the area of photovoltaïc energy and its integration with distributed energy storage systems. ... Read more

 Extended versions of selected papers will be published in SCS.

Modern Nonlinear Dynamics of Renewable Energy Systems (MNDRES)

Contributions should formulate a nonlinear model, determine closed-form-exact or numerical solutions, or establish analytical properties of a renewable energy application.

Advanced versions of selected papers will be recommended to IJMNTA.

Optimization of Renewable Energy Ressources (ORER)

 Papers should formulate studies and implementations that improve the use of renewable energy ressources. Optimization may be technological or control based.

  Extended versions of selected papers will be published in IJEOE.

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